what are the perks of robotic surgery

If you were asked to make a choice between traditional surgical methods and robotic surgery, which one will you choose. Well, it depends on whether you are a patient or a surgeon. It turns out that robotic surgery comes with some irresistible perks. Surgeons who have used this method have reported enhanced precision, control, and flexibility during the procedure. In the end, this is highly beneficial to the patient.

The following are some of the benefits that patients will enjoy from a ‘urologist near me’ who practices robotic surgery:

  • It allows for shorter hospitalization times

  • Patients feel less discomfort and pain

  • Patients are able to recover more quickly and return to day-to-day activities

  • The incisions used are smaller and the risk of infection lesser

  • Less blood is lost during the operation resulting in minimal transfusions

  • There is minimal or no scarring to the recovering patients

As you can see, robotic surgery comes with very minimal risks. The only like one is the risk of infection and developing other complications, although to a small extent. But the doctor will first assess you before performing the procedure. Only when the risk is minimal will the doctor perform this procedure on you.